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"The legendary band from Málaga presents their magnificent album, Tengo mis días buenos, in their hometown, and the group presents themselves to their fans to confirm that the progressive rock of always continues to have absolute validity, and all of the above is seasoned with a more than interesting load of surrealism. "


                                                                  - Rock in Spain -



Interview with Frutería Toñi: "We are clear that we want to transmit a little light"


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"(...) Frutería Toñi, one of the most polished and interesting progressive rock bands we have in our geography, Frutería Toñi's music is a reflection of the classic influences of progressive rock of the seventies and wrapped in a touch of sarcasm , irony and humor that make this band truly unique. Tengo mis días buenos is a really careful work, full of details and 

it's worth being musical and lyrically enjoyed."

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"Frutería Toñi were thrilling on stage, to the point where the public did not stop shouting its name during practically all their performance. We left with a very good impression of this Andalusian group and with desire to see them again in the future in the not too distant future in Madrid. "

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(...) The second hit of Frutería Toñi has just arrived, Tengo mis días buenos, a superb collection of songs ...


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April 6th - Madrid (MaMFest 2019)


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